The entrance fee for Thermos Sauna is:

  • up to 26 years old*
  • 26 years and older
  • € 10,-
  • € 18,-

We require a deposit for your locker key of € 10,-. You will receive this back when checking out.

We accept the following payment methods:
PIN Mastercard Visacard Chipknip

* We might ask for your ID, passport or driving license.

All cabins can be used free of charge to all our guests.

Did you know that we also have multiple-entry tickets?

6 times entrance to the sauna, for the price of 5!

For only € 90,- you can buy a multiple-entry card, so that you can go 6 times to the sauna.

These multiple-entry cards remain valid and therefore do not expire. They also are not person bound, and can thus also be given away or used by someone else!

Want to leave and come back the same day?

For € 3,- we sell a re-entry card. With this card you can leave and come back the same day (meaning: before we close). This avoids you having to pay double entrance fee. Do keep in mind that re-entry cards are not for sale during holiday seasons.